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« on: April 13, 2019, 12:38:51 pm »
Thanks "Aksel" aka "Twist" aka "Louisa" for all your efforts and for doing your best by trying to support ThuG gang and killing your teams mates as much as you can.

I like to inform you that we already knew that it was you from the beginning, But we decided to use you to kill your own mates just like a moron instead of just denying your application.   

And can you guess what ???? Just Nigga and the 4 co-leaders knew that it was you, so I don't give you a chance to find out that we knew it was you, so we can keep using you to kill your team mates like a retarded.

And can you guess what???? I have shown your team mates the proofs which shows that Louisa is you and they kept making fun of you by saying "it is Aksel's sister", "Aksel's wife", "Aksel's mom" etc.

You are ****, everyone knows now that you are a real moron with the full meaning of that word.

Piece of ****, you think you can join a gang where I'am there and I won't figure it out, If your mind lied on you and made you believe that this might happens, then you would be so retarded as I can not get tricked that easily.

Also try to be more smarter next time, it was really easy for me to figure out that it was you, and you can guess what?? Even if you used another smarter ways, I will still be able to expose you since you are a such a mindfucked fag who can't trick anyone, and the only one who got tricked and have been used all this time is you.

You failed to beat ThuG/GgT in game with your ass lickers, so you decided make a new girl fake account to join ThuG as undercover and cause trouble there thinking that you might break the gang alliance or **** the gang by somehow like that. How lame you are, but, just have a look, ThuG has just played with you just like a poppet and you are such a dumbass who didn't realize that you are the one who was being played with.

Ofc you are asking yourself now "How did I knew it was you??"

This is [ThuG].Louisa's IP at this application.

And this is the Aksel's IP at GgT's forum ban list.

As you can see clearly, you both got the same ISP, organization, services, continent, country, state/region, city and even latitude/longitude(the place where he is "exactly" living) which means that they you both are the same person by 100% without any doubts.

Aksel the girl is Kicked/banned..

Watch out of the ThuG[Aksel], he has been caught shooting his clan mates. 

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