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Lacerta for level 5
« on: February 10, 2016, 11:42:41 am »
Hi all. This is my first topic in ptp suggestions board just to explain something, i wanted to explain to everyone even when i'am banned from ptp. But i have to explain this, as i really love and care about ptp. And i always wanted ptp the best.

I know some GgTs or maybe all of them will stand in my side as i posted this topic, but i think if you have something right to say then you shouldn't care about anyone. And you have to say it no matter who will stand in your side.

Maybe all who will see this topic won't believe what i posted, or maybe all of them will think i'am joking which is not the fact. But this is normal since most of ptp players think that me and Lacerta are not so good with each other, as i reported him too many times and he banned/jailed me a lot of times before too. But later i found that i was completely wrong and he was completely right, as i realized that his only aim was to make sure that i follow rules and not to punish me for personal hates like i mentioned
couple of times before.

My suggestion is to make Lacerta level 5 admin, and that is because he really deserves it.

Reasons why Lacerta should be a level 5 admin:

1-One of the most active admins.

2-The most admin who does his best to make sure all are following rules.

3-Tenshi's friend(needed for level 5), as he will take his place when he is not around.

4-He really cares about everyone in ptp and he handles most of the ban appeals, even when he is not the one who banned the player that posted a ban appeal.

5-He will be always be around whenever there is some issues between players or admins and he will handle it fairly.

I think he really deserves to be level a 5 admin.

Note: this topic is empty of any kind of ass licking or joking, and whoever thinks that i'am posting this topic in order to get un-banned then he is completely retarded.
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