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Some Revised Rules
« on: January 24, 2016, 07:44:56 pm »
    I feel that there are some common rules are required now in clan after recent indescribable incidents. Although it looks very funny and stupid to set some rules but i have no other options left , So this following rules are need to be followed by everyone in clan.

    • No flaming , insulting and stupidity etc
    It doesn't means you can't do word fights but everything should be happen in its limit, so it'd be better if you know your limits while flaming and insulting.

    • Follow given rules of particular server you playing in
    No need to explain this point but still if you're playing in a server then respect its rules and if you can't follow those simple rules then feel free to /q. For ex : C-Bug , 2 shots etc are forbidden in PTP yet some members have been banned on several occassions for breaking rules and worse part is they don't feel much shame or guilty after ban.

For Staff/Management

  • No direct kick

If there's any issue happening or any kind of problem caused from any member in clan which doesn't match rules and regulations of clan then before kicking that member directly Staff needs to create and discuss at forums (not on facebook and whatsapp )  to let everyone know and give their opinion and fair chance to justify their mistakes.

For now i only have this points i want everyone to be follow , i'll add more things in future If needed.[/list]

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