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What the **** is Officers?
« on: January 24, 2016, 07:59:42 pm »
Some of you know about Officers and some of you don't know What the **** is this Officer thing. This idea came in my mind from ''Officer Norm'' a.k.a Norm[GgT]. We generally call each other Officer lol. So few weeks ago i called Norm to join uL server for fun where he ofently plays under Officer_Norm name so because i wanted to look alike him i joined under Officer_Morn, after it we played as a team and whenever got time to play uL we play under ''Officer'' and because GgT is moving in A/D world so then i thought it would be cool if GgT members who loves to play A/D would play under ''Officer'' tag as alias without being caught as undercover GgT.
                                                 The main purpose to play as an ''Officer'' is having tons of A/D Training Clan wars. And so far we had fight in 2 TCWs under ''Officer''. and it's good to get experience in this way without caught by anyone that ''Officers'' are GgT. I am doing this because GgT is known for RW clan from its beginning and in 1 year of GgT we tried to do so many clan wars but succeed did only 3 clan wars in 1 year. Theres alot of active A/D clans in samp world and no one makes excuses to accept clan war requests in A/D. So its good for us to enter in A/D world  and ''Officer'' is a source for getting trained for A/D.
The ''Officer'' campaign will be on till december end which means all GgT members who wish to try something new and want to be an a/d player will have to do alot of hard ass training on a/d till december end i.e; 3 months training. Meanwhile nobody is allowed to suggest RW clans for clan war, but if RW clans invites us for clan war then surely we will go for it.

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